September 2015 – Oswestry Cricket Club have just been confirmed as having been re-accredited as a ClubMark Club and an ECB Focus Club. The club first obtained ClubMark

accreditation in March 2010.

ECB ClubMark status is only given to clubs whose junior sections meet stringent tests on the quality of their coaching, the safety of their environment for children and their commitment to youngsters of all abilities and ages. ClubMark also focusses on the effective management of the club.

The accreditation is reviewed on a 3 year rolling basis. It is important that we maintain this accreditation, and all members are required to be aware of the ClubMark information displayed on the notice board in the    players entrance, and do their bit in helping us achieve our aim. It is our intention to maintain this  accreditation to the highest possible standard throughout our daily practices.

Achievement of this accreditation is a reward for all the hard work put in by those involved in the ClubMark process, and is proof that Oswestry Cricket Club is a safe place for your children to participate in cricket.

In achieving ClubMark, the club have committed to the following;

· Having an Open and Non Discriminatory Constitution

· Have adopted the “ECB Safe Hands – Welfare of Young People in cricket” Policy

· Having Child Protection Policies & Procedures (including Child Welfare Officer)

· Have adopted a Health & Safety Policy

· Have a clear Code of Conduct for Players, Members and Guests

· Having Policies and Procedures for Disciplinary matters, Grievance, Anti Bullying and Anti Discrimination

· Having an Equity Policy for all members