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Official home of the Oswestry Branch of the Royal British Legion

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Two incredible English Cricket Legends One amazing night at Oswestry...

6th Feb 2024

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Yesterday’s Oswestry 4th XI game at Cound was a truly memorable day for...

8th May 2023

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Please see our new Bar Opening times for the coming summer! Hope to see...

26th Apr 2023


Last night saw a packed Oswestry Cricket Club treated to a wonderful Q&A...

22nd Apr 2023

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20th Apr 2023

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16th Apr 2023

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14th Apr 2023

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It is with great sadness that we have heard the news of the passing of ....

13th Apr 2023

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OCC looking "Immaculate" ahead of the season opener!! The Club are...

10th Apr 2023

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On July 3rd "Developing Future Winners" will be holding the fourth Developing...

30th Mar 2023

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Please remember that our Junior and New Members welcome evening is on Sunday...

29th Mar 2023

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Oswestry Cricket Club are excited to announce that Michael French, a...

27th Mar 2023

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Oswestry Cricket Club are deeply saddend to hear of the tragic passing...

24th Mar 2023

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All Stars Cricket provides a fantastic first experience for all children aged...

21st Mar 2023


Oswestry Cricket Club are pleased to announce that we have partnered with...

16th Mar 2023

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Please join us to celebrate the relaunch of Oswestry branch of The Royal...

13th Mar 2023

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We are pleased to report that the Oswestry Branch of the Royal British...

7th Mar 2023

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Listen to our very own Chris Dillion on episode 42 of the Cow Corner podcast....

1st Mar 2023

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Oswestry Cricket Club are delighted to announce that they have entered into a...

16th Feb 2023

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Oswestry Cricket Club are delighted to announce that our First XI have been...

18th Jan 2023

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12th Jan 2023

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Read the Border Counties Advertizers interview with our 2023 season 1st XI...

19th Dec 2022

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Oswestry Cricket Club were well represented at the recent England and...

4th Dec 2022

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