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Developing Future Winner Conference at Headingley Stadium

30 Mar 2023

On July 3rd "Developing Future Winners" will be holding the fourth Developing Future Winners day conference at Headingley stadium, Leeds. They use life experiences to example how to build a great working environment from education into the workplace.

Anna Coulson and Jamie Peacock, ex England rugby league will be hosting the day, and on the panel, will be Ian "Beefy" Botham and Michael Brearley. They will talk about the iconic 1981 Ashes series, namely the Headingley test and explain how they prepared mentally and physically for the challenge.

Throughout the day the guests will hear from both the panels speakers who will explain how they prepared mentally and physically for this test series and how as a team they managed to defeat the odds, claiming victory and creating one of the most iconic test series of all time.

There will be Q&A sessions so the guests can ask questions and interact with the panel to get a greater understanding of their characters. The day will include educational expertise from Anna Coulson who is a leader in national education and currently an executive head teacher.

She will explain and demonstrate how to prepare the young adults for the workplace to give them the best chances to succeed without mental or physical burnout.

Jamie Peacock is a master in wellbeing and speaks at many motivational and leader conferences and he will speak about maintaining mental and physical wellbeing in the work place enabling the work force to reach targets and goals safely, while staying motivated and crutially while having enough drive and resilliance to move to the next task.

A fully staffed, motivated workplace is a winning workplace. The day will finish with a practical session where both the hosts and the panel will be on hand to advice and discuss options, strategies and opinions.

Below are some comments we have received from the previous conferences.

“It was an amazing day from start to finish and I’m sure it will be remembered and talked about, for some time.”

Frank Campbell

“This day was nothing short of remarkable. To pull together such speakers was a dream & we all left with a winning mentality” Ophelia Branford

“The whole day was inspirational and I came away with lots of new ideas, which is, for me, the best outcome of attending events such as this" Jenny Dinning, Director of Marketing & Admissions, Durham School